We are open under the following restrictions:

I’m sure you all know the new rules, but here they are:
  • We are opening Monday to Thursday 7pm to 12pm, with 10.30pm being the latest admission time. 7.30pm for Sunday Quiz
  • You must wear a mask. Customers must be wearing a mask when they enter and are moving around (not whilst seated).
  • We have to do table service, so no ordering at the bar.
  • Customers should be seated at all times, except for toilet visits, going into the garden or out for a smoke.
  • No standing or sitting at the bar.
  • We much prefer Card payments, as being safer than handling cash.
  • In general,  only one person at a time should be moving around the bar.
  • Other days will be for specific advertised events, such as the film club. 
  • We are able to offer off-sales (see below)
  • Please don’t bring food to eat into the bar

Covid-19 Precautions

The club committee has carried out a formal risk assessment and introduced new cleaning and operating procedures.


We don’t expect to be full, but you can phone the club on 020 8992 4557 after 7.00pm to reserve a table.

Arriving at the Club

On entering, please wash your hands or use the sanitiser provided by the door. Choose your table or go where directed by the bar staff. 

Buying Drinks

Table service only

We would prefer that people pay as they go, but we can run a tab for anyone that would rather make one payment. Our system is a basic one, so this has to be done manually by the bar staff noting the drinks on paper and then inputting them all at the end of the night.


The toilets will be unisex, with only one person at a time allowed in. One person at a time is allowed in the corridor to the toilets. If you see someone coming out of a toilet or back in from the garden, wait to let them get back to their seat before proceeding.

Empty Glasses

Return empty glasses and rubbish when ordering drinks, going to the toilet or garden and when leaving. 


Groups may sit together, but must not impinge on other members space in the bar. For the moment the rule is members only, but guests of members that are known to the club can come in whilst the member is present.

Off Sales

We are allowed to offer off-sales for the present. To get draft beer, bring a suitable container – normal prices apply. Wine can be taken away for £7.50 a bottle.


CAMRA members can still come in, but not as part of an organised group without prior authorisation.

Indicative Seating Plan

This is included a a guide to the seating in the bar and to help members maintain some social distance.

The purple lines represent 2 metre distancing. The smiley faces are potential seating locations for either a group or single person